Equine 10" x 12" Wireless and Waterproof Panel

Diagnostic imaging company helping you practice better medicine 

Small Animal 17" x 17" Panel


Patented Ultra High- Resolution Images:

64,00 shades of gray

17" x 17" panel dimensions

TI dope Cesium Iodide screen

Fine Details without Visual Artifacts
Excellent Soft Tissue Delineation
Fine Tuning Images via MFP

Fast Acquisition Time:
Take and view your images in under 2 seconds to increase patient compliance and decrease time under anesthesia.

DICOM Compliant:

Fully DICOM compliant including Modality Work List

Veterinary Specific software and filters

Comprehensive measurement package including advanced TPLO software

Additional Fields for OFA, Penn Hip and SV images

Network Connectivity:
Stay connected through-out your practice with RevoSoft. Our veterinary specific software allows your practice to view digital x-ray images across all windows based computers in your clinic. Best of all its free!

Cloud Storage:
No need to worry about losing your x-rays, Revo Squared back ups all your images on our cloud server.


Ultra High- Resolution Images:

Improved resolution reveals finer anatomical detail and increases your diagnostic confidence.

State of the Art DICOM Software:

Veterinary Specific Image Processing made specifically for our unique patients. 

DICOM/ PACS allows for software to receive information from any DICOM complaint practice management software. 

MWL minimizes lost charges for x-rays.