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Revo Squared, LLC.

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Kim Ward, RVT

Marshall County AMC

"Several years ago, Dr. Lanning sent me on a mission at the SWVS to find a digital x-ray system that wsa user friendly, took great pictures and offered wonderful support. We found all that in the DuoView system plus made 2 good friends in the process. They have gone above and beyond with their technical support."

Tom Fell, DVM

"Our quality and quantity of radiographs have improved therby improving our patient care and our bottom line. Revo Squared has been very responsive to our questions and any request for information."

Revo Squared LLC.


1590 N Roberts Rd, Suite 210, Kennesaw Ga 30144

770-425-7102 (phone)

770-425-7482 (fax)