Sonoview and Sonoview Mini Are “Game Changers”

Revo Squared’s Ultrasound puts the PC in your own hands.   Rather than building an ultrasound with a dedicated PC and Keyboard combo, Revo Squared took the PC out of the ultrasound.  This revolutionary change allows the end user to pick whatever computer they want to use for the Ultrasound.  Do you want a purpose-built special procedure room with a large display for your clients to see?  You can have that!  Do you want a mobile unit hooked up to a Microsoft Surface tablet?  No problem!  Do you have PCs in all your exam rooms? Excellent, now you have ultrasound in all of your exam rooms!

Cost Of Travel

Revo²lutionizing medicine, Revo Squared provides the only truly remote training in veterinary medicine.  By incorporating telepresence in Ultrasound into your practice, you can learn ultrasound without having to travel offsite.   This education model provides an amazing savings to your business.  For example, the traditional model of free-training included requires traveling to an offsite education center.  To analyze costs, a round trip ticket to the training center, say, in Dallas, can be purchased for about $500.00 from anywhere in the country.  In addition, a hotel would be needed at an extra $200.00/night.  16 hours of training would cost you $700.00, right? WRONG!  In addition to the travel expense, you are missing out on seeing at least 32 patients if you are practicing 30-minute appointments on your training days.  You will also be missing appointments during your travel time.  Multiply this by your average client transaction, and you can see how much “free” training is really costing you.   If you are running a well-managed practice, and your average client transaction is $185.00, the training will cost you about $6,000 in lost revenue in addition to the travel expense!


​SonoView Gray Scale Mini

Diagnostic imaging company helping you practice better medicine 

Bill Campbell remotely training a veterinarian in Indianapolis, IN from Atlanta, GA

Telepresence in Ultrasound Has Arrived!

SonoView Mini
Ultrasound Transducer
USB Cable
Power Supply
AC power cable

depth: 2-31cm

Imaging Modes:
256 shades of gray
Full motion and full size real-time ultrasound imaging
B, B+B, 4B, M, B- Steer
"Freeze" Mode
"Auto Freeze" Mode

Ultrasound image size: automatically adjustable to screen resolution
Full motion and full size real-time ultrasound imaging, up to 120 fps (depends on selected scan depth, scan angle, focus mode, High Line Density setting, computer speed)
Cineloop recording/play: several thousands frames (depends on computer memory size and scan mode)
Zoom mode: from 60% to 600% in all modes (Scan, Freeze, B, B+B, 4B, Doppler modes, M-zoom, cineloop and etc)

and many more...

SonoView Mini Plus