Training in Real Time

"We were pleasantly surprised by how easy the Revo Squared machine was to set up and use. It is great to have equipment that we can easily utilize in-hospital that immediately provides profit while allowing our Doctor's to improve their skill and comfort with this diagnostic tool. We have appreciated having an expert to monitor and train us real-time without requiring the expense and travel of typical continuing education courses."  

Kiersten Wiley, DVM
Indy Paws Veterinary Hospital

Indianapolis, IN

Diagnostic imaging company helping you practice better medicine 

Peter Muller III, DVM,  DABVP (Canine & Feline)

Superior Knowledge Base

​"I have been doing business with Bill Campbell for over 15 years.  His knowledge of ultrasound and digital radiography is second to none.  During that time, he has demonstrated not only his technical expertise, but also his understanding of the economics of veterinary practice technological needs.  Because he understands the value of this equipment to a veterinary practice, he has made service a priority.  The customer service I've personally received has been consistently speedy, excellent and exceptional.  Bill has personally designed the systems he sells and, consequently, has intimate knowledge of each.  He and his staff are able to troubleshoot most problems over the phone or through remote access over the internet.  I have personally seen Bill and his staff go above and beyond the usual standard of customer service seen with most companies.  The DuoView digital radiography system that I have provides me with lightning fast images with the highest resolution of any digital system on the veterinary market today.  I can wholeheartedly and enthusiastically recommend Bill's company, Revo², not only for their great systems, but also for their exceptional service after the sale." 

Brett Berryhill, DVM

Starring Plaza Veterinary Center
Baton Rouge, LA

Superior Image Quality

"We purchased a Radview DR system from Revo in May of this year to update our imaging capabilities.  Prior to this we were taking radiographs using film and had been frustrated with poor image quality and repeat issues with our automatic processor.  Since switching over to this digital system we have doubled the number of radiographs taken due to the speed and ease of using this system as well as the excellent image quality.  I had imagined that the digital system would be a real asset to the orthopedic cases that we see.  I am finding that the image quality is superior and that it is very integral to our internal cases as well.  I was also very impressed with the technical support offered to us through Revo.  We had the digital system retrofitted to our old x-ray tube which proved to be difficult for Revo.  They went above and beyond and built us a new part to integrate the digital with our old tube and we have been taking excellent digital images ever since!  Revo stands behind their product and pursued these problems we were experiencing until a resolution was found.  This meant a lot to us because as a busy veterinary clinic we have little time to tend to the bumps in the road experienced adding new equipment to the practice.  Revo made the process much easier.  We were so impressed with the digital technology this company sells that we are looking to purchase a portable unit for our equine practice."

Ann Roberts, DVM
Thumb Veterinary Services

Sandusky, MI

Above and Beyond Support

"Being able to perform ultrasounds with the probe in your hand is one thing, but your guidance and direction when the probe is in somebody else’s hand hundreds of miles away is amazing.   I don’t know how you can be so patient and “steer” our hands like you do!
In this case today, your guidance probably saved that dog’s life, or at least gave it the best possible chance.  We, prior to calling you, had stuck the probe on her chest real quick, just to peek and see what we might see.  Dr. Rich and I (and Camille, our registered tech) all thought we knew what we were looking at (a small heart surrounded by a LOT of fluid), but it looked SO dramatically wrong, we just assumed we didn’t know WHAT we were looking at…..unfortunately (in this case) we were right!  If it weren’t for the ultrasound and your help, we would not have realized just HOW serious of a situation we had on our hands and most likely would not have had the proper sense of urgency.
Anyhow, I learned a few things today, and although there is still plenty I don’t know, I’m confident that if I see another pericardial effusion that I’ll KNOW that is what I’m looking at…I’m certain Dr. Rich feels the same way.
THANK YOU…..for providing the equipment and knowledge and especially the GUIDANCE!."

Mike Pope, DVM
Darien Animal Hospital

​Darien, GA


Improved Quality and Bottom Line

"After installing the DuoView System in November of 2012 our team no longer hesitates to take radiographs due to the involved processing and the possibility of having to retake an image that may not have the detail that was needed for an accurate diagnosis with our former traditional x-ray system.  Our quality and quantity of radiographs have improved thereby improving our patient care and our bottom line.  RevoSquared has been very responsive to our questions and any request for information.  Our young and tech savvy team has embraced the change completely and we look forward to the latest software update." 

Tom Fell, DVM
Parkway Animal Hospital

Mobile, AL

Educational and Seamless

“Our experience with Revo Squared has been wonderful. The entire process was seamless and simple. Set up was a breeze and we were able to complete training right away. The training process was simple and well planned. We were able to complete a full abdominal ultrasound on a large dog in less than 45 minutes and take away some new skills. Bill is wonderful at guiding beginners and explaining the anatomy in a detailed, yet understandable manner. We were blown away when we were able to do our first Echo a few weeks later with Bill's help and achieve a full diagnosis. This has been a great experience and we would highly recommend Revo Squared to any clinic.”

Casie Smith, RVT, MS

Valley Veterinary Hospital

Middletown, MD