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Ultrasound Assistance and Training

Additional Support we offer our customers:

  • Introduction to Ultrasound.   This is an elementary level course detailing how to begin using Ultrasound in your practice.  You will learn basic scanning techniques and how to how to turn Ultrasonography into an income generating revenue stream

  • FAST scan – “Focused Assessment with Sonography for Trauma” – Your number one option for assessing emergency patients.   This intermediate level course gives you the tools necessary to confidently scan a critical patient for conditions such as free abdominal, pleural, or pericardial fluid following trauma.


  • Color Doppler – The use of the Doppler effect to visualize directional flow.

Case Assistance

With the Sonoview Color and Sonoview Mini, we can remotely log in and see what you are seeing.  We are the only company on the market that is able to offer such a unique remote learning assistance program.  If you would like assistance per case, please contact us for scheduling and billing details.  Our normal fees for each case are around $60.00.